Andes Fruits Colombia® Goldenberries

The Goldenberry (Physalis Peruviana) is a cousin of the tomatillo. It is a tangy, low glycemic fruit. We offer fresh goldenberries, with the husk or peeled. Organic and conventional. We also have dried goldenberries of exquisite flavor and texture. Both USDA Organic and conventional.

We developed packaging that communicates the value of this superfood and how to integrate into an American diet.

In addition, we are Primus Labs GFS Advanced certified.

Available products:

  • Conventional Goldenberry – Husk
  • Conventional Goldenberry – Peeled
  • Organic Goldenberry – Husk
  • Organic Goldenberry – Peeled
  • USDA Dried Goldenberries and Organic Dried Goldenberries