At Andes Fruits Colombia®, we take pride in an ethical, transparent supply chain.

From fairly operated farms, to the packing plant, all the way to grocery and food service in the United States and Europe.

With over 200 employees in the area, a dedicated team is working together to deliver a high-quality product. Customers and fans are always invited to visit our farms and plant.

Count on 16 years experience and an outstanding reputation for the highest quality golden berries in the world.

Passion fruits, avocados, and yellow pitaya are in the pipeline for the United States market.

Colombia is the most biodiverse country on earth. At the same time, many regions are plagued by poverty and violence. We believe that clean, sustainable agriculture can help turn things around.

Our Principal Organic Farm

Ranchería is the name of the farm. Ranchería generally means “small, rural settlement”.  In northern Colombia, the Wayuu tribes call their entire villages rancherías.

Ranchería is located in Santa Rosa de Viterbo, a municipality of Boyacá. The farm is managed by a small family: Carlos and Ada are in charge of the farm They are married and live on the farm with 3 young boys between the ages of 8-13. The boys are all enrolled in school. They have been there for four years now.

Three years ago we made a major change that is rarely ever seen in Colombia. Carlos and Ada have full-time employment from the company with full benefits including family health care and social security.

The rest of the employees are part time workers that Carlos and Ada have full authority to hire when it is time for planting, harvest etc. All of the employees come from the Santa Rosa de Viterbo region and many are long-time friends of Carlos and Ada.

We are proud of our supply chain and structure; in addition to the employment created, we have 100% transparency. We have never had any problems with insecticides and pesticides and always welcome our product to be tested to verify that it is truly organic.

We also make no interest micro-loans to entrepreneurs in Colombia and Peru – check out our Kiva Loans page.